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Massage is thought to be the oldest form of medical therapy practiced on the human body. Through our tradisional Javanese Massage and body treatment that using natural herbs are inspired by strong commitment to soothe every wish people seeking a peace of mind, Comfortable Beauty salon, Fresh Facial room and our well trained masseurs giving an unforgettable experience of uniqueness.

Find out yourself to get this sensation and gently comfort you to sleep. Where your skin feels warm from nurturing touch of therapist, the muscles feel soothed and relaxed, where aroma therapeutic oils and flowers tantalize the sense of smell, where the eyes feels soothed by the harmonious palette of colors in nature.

Our couple place are exactly located at , Nagoya that is only 5 minutes from Harbour bay Ferry terminals, or Batam center that is only 10 minutes from Batam center ferry terminal and 30 minutes drive from Hang Nadim Airport.

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Komplek Nagoya City Centre Blok K No. 6
Nagoya, Batam – INDONESIA
Phone : +62 778.429.369
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We recommend that you book your desired treatment at least one in advance to ensure availability.


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